About Us

Our research analytic company is interested in the commodities market, gold and other precious metals, etc.

We can build successful portfolio strategy. We can teach investors how to build portfolios by their own powers. Our analysts are often guests in different business schools across the states.

During our investigations, we are ready to make trips abroad, to make deals with foreign companies, to get to know them or just to see our investors and their actions at the market.

The company was founded by successful business author Ruth Darrel. Ruth recently published her new book on Trading Strategy and it became bestseller. She was awarded with national analytic award 5 times during her career. Proud graduate of MIT she wanted to start her own company forever. After graduation she founded Mcallen Post.

After 18 years this company is still alive and prosperous. Ruth explains it by the enthusiasm of her and her workers. She believes that the most important in this business is to stay passionate about stocks and market. According to her, it does not matter if you have the best education in this area. What matters the most is the ability to keep interest in the market after 20 or even 30 years.

Our company uses best new technologies and prefers to invest in gadgets and apps by ourselves. Usually, we recommend companies which we already checked by our own experience and money.

We are very keen on eco-technologies, hoping to see them as our future some day. All people who are equally interested in stocks and money are welcome to our office.