Our Team

Ruth Darrel   [email protected]

Ruth Darrel is a well-known author and Mcallen Post founder. She writes bestselling books about business.

Several months ago Ruth has published her new book about the strategy of trading, and it quickly became number one bestseller at the market.

Darrel is very talented analyst. She is famous among other authors. She has five analytic awards. They were given to her by national analytic community during her professional work.

Darrel is an MIT graduate. She said that the idea of her own company with professional analysts in her team, hunted her for many years. And after Ruth has successfully finished her MIT studies and received a diploma, she immediately founded her small company.

It quickly turned out into big successful business. After 18 years it doubled clients’ database. The company is prosperous and Ruth still works there as analyst herself.

She is proud to tell, that success of her company can be explained by enormous enthusiasm of her and her colleagues.

Ruth always says that the most important thing in this field of business is being passionate about market and stocks. Once you lose this passion, you will lose the interest in the market, and will not be able to make wise decisions anymore, you will be just bored, and that is all.

Darrel says that education on the market is not very important. If you don’t have interest in the market after all the years you spent there, it is better to find another source of money or leave everything to specialist.

She is concerned that she will be a fan of market even after 30 years of work there.

Mary Owens  [email protected]

Mary Owens is a financial writer and analyst. She joined this company 3 years ago. She is a leading analyst for the tech market.

Owens is from Tennessee. She comes from a big family and she misses them badly. Owens says she loves to visit her hometown and relatives almost every weekend. The road helps her to clear her mind. And this is the time when all her great thoughts on market analysis usually visit her.

Owens is known for her unique method of analysis. She does not share her secret with others. However, she says that it is not a real secret, it is just the way she thinks, and can’t explain it. So, her clients used to rely on her judgments without asking too many questions.

When it comes to advising she is always ready to explain her point of view. Owens is a graduate of Business Administration at Fordham University.

She met there Ruth Darrel who visited the University to give lection on market analysis. Darrel picked several students for summer practice, and Owens was one of them. She says she learned more about statistics and quantitative analysis, marketing, and international business twice more from Mcallen Post professionals then she could ever learn from some of her books.

Owens stayed at the company even after her internship was over. She began to work there officially right after the University.

Now she has a solid list of clients and readers who are waiting for her analysis every week.

Leo Scott  [email protected]

Leo Scott is a business writer and analyst. He works for Mcallen Post since 2015. Before he joined the team he worked in big international financial company.

Scott is a graduate of Columbia University business school. He studied finances and business there. He has a degree in economics.

Scott admits that he has his favorite topics at the market. He loves to make an analysis of gold and other precious metals market. He is very interested in gas and oil industry as well. He says that he predicted the fall of oil prices which happened several years ago. According to his calculations, he made reasonable investments and sold his actives in time.

Meanwhile, he has many clients interested in other spheres of the market. He says that it is very interesting to work with them and to find out more on different topics every day.

Scott is New York native. He admits he loves this big city and its rush. According to him, it helps to understand the market better. He used to understand information quicker than others, and produce an answer.

He starts his day with morning business newspaper and reading prestigious financial outlets. After he will drink his coffee and take the shower, he goes for a work to discuss everything he heard with his colleagues. And while they all have their Monday meeting officially, Scott does not mind to chat about market changes with the team before the work starts.

He does not discuss his personal views with clients, as he does not want to take any responsibilities for their choices.

Lacey Roberts  [email protected]

Lacey Roberts works as financial strategist and analyst at the company. She joined the team in 2011. Since that time she considers herself a proud market analyst.

Roberts worked as leading financial writer in prestigious magazine for over 6 years, before she joined Mcallen Post. She did not believe she will make analysis of the market for her clients on demand.

Meanwhile, she always worked with the data from the market. Lacey believes that from the age of 3 she became very curious on the political and economical situation of the country. At least, that’s what her parents love to tell about her.

She is a graduate of Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College. She has MA in finances and analysis.

Lacey often says she is a hawk. She likes to sit still for a while and wait for the perfect opportunity to catch her “victim”, which is usually a best offer at the market. After that she will repeat the whole procedure.

She believes that with enough patience it is easy to find gem in a pile of nothing. She checks the market every day, during the working hours. She says that there is a perfect time for making great deals to her. It can be an early morning, or early evening.

Lacey believes that her clients usually come to her for the help. They need more information. Sometimes they wait direct instructions from her, but she can give them only all tools and nothing more.

Beverly Mayo  [email protected]

Beverly Mayo is a portfolio manager and analyst at the company. She worked as a private financial advisor before she joined the team.

Mayo came to Mcallen Post in 2014. Since that time she writes the daily analysis of the market and shares it with the readers.

Mayo is experienced trader in the past. She still remembers how she bought her first shares, and which company it was.

Mayo was born in California. Her parents moved a lot, and she used to travel across the USA. After she grew up, she changed numerous countries herself. She speaks Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. She says that the best teacher in linguistics is just the culture around you. She lived in all these countries for some time.

Mayo has a long list of friends from abroad who work at the market. She collaborates with numerous foreign companies and can advise which of them sells stocks. She will not point out where is the best place to put your money, meanwhile.

Beverly also lived in the GB. She is a graduate of Oxford University. She has bachelor’s degree in economics.

After the school, she worked in many international companies as a journalist and analyst.

She came back to the USA to raise her children there. She believes this work helped her to settle down. She is still an active investor. She still travels a lot. However, she always comes back home after her work is done.

Mayo likes to teach new investors the principles of the market.