Google Refuses To Remove Saudi App Letting Men to track, control women

Google has vowed to pull a controversial administration program from Saudi Arabia that allows men to track and control stating it doesn’t violate its Play Store policies. Based on A report in the company Insider on Sunday, the technology giant told the workplace of the Democratic Representative of California Jackie Speier, who’d called for the elimination of the program named Absher, the program doesn’t violate its terms of support. The US Representatives Speier, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and 11 others have required that Apple and Google should both remove the program.

Speier called Google’s response profoundly unsatisfactory. The responses received thus far from Apple and Google are unsatisfactory. As of today, the Absher program remains available in the Apple App store and the Google Play Shop although they may easily remove it, Speier was quoted as stating. Apple was yet to declare its decision. Absher allows Saudi users to get government services and offers features that allow Saudi persons to give and rescind journey permission for females and also to set up SMS alerts for when women use their passports. An earlier report suggested men could use the program to control female dependents. Human rights groups like Amnesty International also have Criticised Google and Apple for permitting the program on their platforms.